The future of invention

Chris Wright

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Advances in NLP and machine learning are allowing automatic processing of knowledge. An untapped potential of this revolution is the ability to change how people come up with ideas and solve problems.

People tend to solve problems in linear ways. If my horse is too slow, I want a way to make it faster. It wasn't clear to many people of the 1800s that changes in industrialisation would lead to an entirely new way of going fast!

So what happens when you do have all of the information, and when you can find subtle patterns occurring in vast swathes of data? What happens when an engineer's Alexa can tell you not just the answer to your question, but the answer to the question that you didn’t know you were asking?

I would like to explore how AI may fundamentally change the human’s ability to think and invent, and the changes that this may lead to in society, drawing on my experience as the head of the world’s first AI augmented invention team with example patents and progress that has been made so far.