ME++ The Data Within - data ethics, ballet, brainwaves, and AR

Genevieve Smith-Nunes & Alex Shaw

Playlists: 'emf2022' videos starting here / audio

Exploring data ethics through creative immersive tools with brainwave, and motion capture data. Is there a difference in sense of self (identity) between the human and the virtual? How does sharing your personal biometric data make you feel? How can biometric and immersive development tools be used in the computing classroom and dance studios to raise awareness of data ethics and immersive performance tools?

We created 3D motion capture data from 2D RGB video sources using AI software. We recorded and visualised EEG using cheaply available equipment. We are currently producing a performance in Augmented Reality, using game development tools for animation data visualisation, particle systems, fragment shaders, etc. And data sonification with Python and Sonic PI.

We will give a video demonstration of work in progress augmented reality ballet using the concepts we have developed. It is cool and awesome.