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Playlist "WhiteSpace"


Beth Healey

Talk summary:

Concordia Station, Antarctica, is a spaceflight analogue, ‘White Mars’, in view of its isolation, inaccessibility, altitude, low light levels and skeleton crew. Beth has recently returned from a year-long mission there where she was working for the European Space Agency implementing research protocols to investigate the effects of this extreme environment on the physiology and psychology of the overwinter crew.


Beth, is a UK trained doctor who has recently returned from Antarctica where she was working as research MD for the European Space Agency at spaceflight analogue Concordia ‘White Mars’. A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and patron of Expedition Medicine with an interest in polar environments she has worked as part of logistical and medical support teams for ski mountaineering expeditions and endurance races in Svalbard, Greenland, Siberia and at the North Pole.