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Playlist "EMF Camp 2016"

This Is Where We Are: A TIWWA @ Tate Modern Postmortem

Chris Hunt

This Is Where We Are (or TIWWA) is an dynamic digital artwork initally produced for the opening of the new Tate Modern extension in June 2016. The work takes form as an immersive and interactive algorithmic sculpture fueled by the data we collectively generate. TIWWA invites audiences into a sculptural space where they can see, hear and interact with the data of our everyday lives, contributing to an evolving art work which questions the influence of algorithms on our behavior.

This talk explores the technology used to produce a 3.6m tall touch and presence sensitive sculpture filled with LED screens, lighting, sound and AI systems, all powered by a combination of Processing, Node-RED, Unity, Pure Data, OSC, MQTT, IBM Watson and the Microsoft Bot Framework.

The talk will also touch on what is need to coordinate all the various systems together and reflects on the experience of developing the project. Expect a sorry tale of crunch, an AirB&B horror story, the joys of watching the audience interact with your work, music jamming with a sculpture, and the endless celeb spotting at the private view.