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Playlist "EMF Camp 2016"

Beer for Everyone

Sam Fidler

More often than not, a small fortune is spent on setting up a comprehensive homebrew arsenal; various tuns, boilers and fermenters. In fact, good beer can be made with with nothing more than a coffee percolator (ok, and a few other things that people usually have lying around like a pan and a hob or means of fire).
Making beer isn't something for those with deep pockets, it can be done by anyone and almost anywhere with relative ease. Good beer doesn't have to be expensive, and it certainly doesn't have to come from a shop.
The presentation will take you through the steps to make beer using a coffee percolator, fermenting and carbonating the brew; a little history of beer and styles; and hopefully some samples.

Give a man a beer, waste an hour. Teach a man to brew and waste a lifetime.