APIs for cyborgs

Katy Moe

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Cyborgs are "local and temporary islands of decreasing entropy" (Norbert Wiener), resolutely committed to "partiality, irony, intimacy, and perversity" (Donna Haraway). Cyborgs hack their pacemakers, program their bionic limbs, and gain extra senses. My implanted NFC transponder allows me to unlock my phone with a wave of my hand, but uniquely identifies me to any nearby antenna.
In this talk I present my preliminary research into the idea of an API for the human body. What does it mean for a human to become assimilated into the Internet of Things? Why would I want to expose part of my body in a globally addressable space?
Through the partiality of web standards, the irony of illegal prime numbers, the intimacy of teledildonics, and the perversity of JavaScript, this short talk will inspire you to become a cyborg, or teach you how to hack one.