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Playlist "DIWO 2022"

The State of Biohacking - und alles weitere das schön stinkt!

Maya Minder

Biohacking as the new science? Whether you're hacking around in the garden, making your own kombucha, or working with cell cultures in a community lab. What kind of genetic engineering is possible and what even is "organic" when even baker's yeast is supposed to be "organic". A short overview of the History of biohacking, with an introduction to the early bioart of the 90s and brief detours to the culinary arts.

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DIWO WEEK is a workshop week for networking in the local scene, as well as internationally active artists through input lectures as an evening program. We want to give interested artists, media makers and DIY enthusiasts with an interest in multimedia / generative art a platform to live out their interests, start projects, and make the resulting ideas accessible to everyone. We want to bundle the DIY approach that many have with their own projects and create a DIWO platform where individuals with the same interest in media art can interact with each other.