Reko, lets reboot agriculture

Julia Westberg

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Do you know where your food is coming from? Who grew your cucumber, how much space did the chickens have? How can we support rural arrears? Make changes so it is possible to live and work on the countryside while also ensuring food security and a sustainable reboot for agriculture? Challenging the big food factories and supporting biodiversity? The skandinvian grass root movement reko has some answers and hopes to inspirate. A short story of how to spark change to a small rural community.

Reko circles
The idea came from Finland where the first circles have existed since 2013. Reko means rejäl konsumption which translates to real consumption. The idea is to bring together producers and consumers for food and raw products. Directly without hands in the middle. Locally produced, bought by the people that will eat it. Meeting each other for the exchange of products. Reko supports values like local food production, combined with trust, a passion for exciting ingredients and a love for small scale production. The circles are open for everyone. Through direct contact between consumers and producers a reliability is built. Consumers can ask detailed questions about the ways their food is produced. They get a different level of appreciation really knowing where it is coming from.It makes them able to buy products that are not available in stores and getting products as fresh as possible. Small scale producers can play along with their strengths like educating about their products, trying out new things and handling overproduction better.
How does it work in practice?
I heard about the Reko movement in 2018. I lived in the countryside outside a small town. A place not known for sustainable change or innovation. But I had heard about some small farms that had been started, exploring more sustainable ways of farming. Though these spots existed there was a connection missing with the small town and the people living there. So together with a neighbour we started Reko Ring Hörby.



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