How open-source software made possible

Matthew Hanson

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Over the last several years, Element 84 has been centrally involved in NASA’s transition to the cloud, supporting their Earth Observing System (EOS) and Earthdata programs representing over 20PBs of remote sensing data and preparing for an order of magnitude increase with upcoming missions. Based on this experience, and backed by a variety of great open-source software, we have created a self-service remote sensing data management platform for smaller projects and teams. is designed to support data management following downlink of L0 data and includes end-to-end system architecture, cloud archive optimization, data pipeline processing and archives of convenience, as well as a robust user-interface for search, discovery, and visualizations. This managed service provides a lower cost of entry for academic institutions, nonprofits, and other small businesses who lack the domain expertise or the desire to support an end-to-end data management system.

This talk will focus on how the service works and what open-source software made it possible.