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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

Building an OSGeo Community - Experiences from Ireland

Peter Mooney

OSGeoIE was formed in 2015 and this year we held our 3rd annual conference. In our mission statement we aim to "create a networked community of OSGeo/FOSS4G users, developers, practitioners, teachers, advocates, etc in Ireland". Our talk will discuss experiences since 2015: Developing a shared understanding of community participation in OSGeoIE events, how to be effectively resourced as a local community, attempts to establish a more coordinated approach to communication and learning between partnerships, governmental agencies, industry and other software communities and how participation in OSGeoIE make a difference for volunteers and OSGeo/FOSS4G users and advocates? There is increasing cross discipline/domain interest in QGIS with particular interest in QGIS from local government authorities. We have also worked on building strategic and synergistic links with other similar communities such as OSM IE and Python IE. The academic community are actually under-represented at our events. We are interested in hearing feedback from FOSS4G delegates on their experiences of building an OSGeo community in similar sized countries and regions. We also hope to provide inspiration to anyone thinking about setting up a local chapter.