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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

From proprietary GIS to OpenSource : overview of a software stack

Vincent Picavet

The GIS market evolves at a fast rate. OpenSource GIS solutions have a much stronger maturity now than a few years back.

We see a global trend with big companies modernizing their IT and their GIS solutions, seriously evaluating OpenSource GIS compared to their former proprietary softwares, and launching migration plans.

OpenSource solutions often come as independant components though, sometimes making it difficult to comprehend the best way to build a full-featured and coherent stack.

While we do not pretend to have the best solution for all, in this presentation we detail a proposal for a full GIS infrastructure. PostGIS and QGIS at are the core of this stack, and it covers a wide range of needs for end-users : desktop, web, mobile…

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