When building, maintaining & continuously improving a SDI isn’t enough: DevOps processes to the rescue

Markus Neteler, Emmanuel Belo, Torsten Drey and Marc Jansen

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Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) revolutionises the planning process of fibre networks in order to increase the number of connected households and industries dramatically as well as to shorten the time to market in general. A brand-new world comprising the build up of a major SDI, lots of geodata and heavy geoprocessing is needed to substitute previous manual tasks and to sustain the goals.

Think about a project, that will be developed by +10 companies, each with its own frameworks, procedures and deployment workflows. To succeed, you'll need more than confidence in the team. This is also because of other complicating factors like IT security, large data pipelines or ever-changing IT infrastructure.

This is where DevOps and AGILE practices came to the rescue. It gave a structure and a common understanding of the workflows to every project member, as well provided enough automation and flexibility to adjust to the constant changes the project undergone.

In this talk, we’ll present the key challenges and how DTAG and the team of the FTTH-Factory successfully implements agile and DevOps workflows for the project. If we’re brave, we’ll do DevOps on stage.