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Establishment of Integrated Disaster Response System through the Analysis of Disaster Response Work

Jinyi Park

The patterns of recent disasters in Korea such as typhoons, mountain fires and earthquakes are becoming increasingly complex and extensive. At the same time, there have been repeated problems with the government's ability of disaster response system. It is important to look at the disaster from a unified perspective in order to reduce the damage that will occur from the disaster and promote recovery. In addition, the integration of the disaster management agency's situation-specific work process and information is one of the important parts for rapid response to the situation and reduction of damages. However, as most of the information used to response with disasters is temporarily used, there is a lack of periodic updates or management systems. Therefore, the continuation and clarity of information up to the recovery stage are unclear, and no definite recovery is supported for the disaster affected areas. In this study, the implementation manual and history of the situation response to major national disasters in Korea are analyzed to identify problems in response to existing disaster situations.