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Playlist "GC2/Vidi: What’s new in the spatial data infrastructure project"

GC2/Vidi: What’s new in the spatial data infrastructure project

Martin Høgh

The GC2/Vidi platform helps you build a spatial data infrastructure quickly and easily. Powered using open source components for a scalable solution focused on freedom rather than fees.

GC2/Vidi comprises two software projects:
- GC2 – makes it easy to deploy PostGIS, MapServer, QGIS Server, MapCache, Elasticsearch, GDAL/OGR. And offers an easy-to-use browser application to configure the software stack.
- Vidi – a modern take on browser GIS. It is the front-end client for GC2.

The GC2/Vidi project is released under GPL and accepted as an OSGeo Community Project last year.

The first part of the talk gives a brief overview of the platform and summarizes the capabilities it has to offer. In the second part the browser GIS named Vidi will be reviewed with emphasis on the new offline capabilities. This comprises the possibilities to use the web app and access/edit data without network, which makes Vidi well suited for field work in areas without good 3G/4G coverage. The talk will include a short demonstration and give a walkthrough of the modern browser technologies used including Service Workers, IndexedDB and StorageManager. Furthermore, the ongoing developments and future innovations will be reviewed.