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Playlist "Natural Language Processing meets FOSS4G – Introduction of Document Mapping"

Natural Language Processing meets FOSS4G – Introduction of Document Mapping

Eita Hori

Natural Language Processing, in short, NLP is one of the most high-lightened technologies these days. What I would like to bring on FOSS4G 2019 is an experimental approach which integrates NLP with mapping system. Just for convenience, I call this approach “document-mapping”. In this approach, documents are plotted according to their similarities: in other words, similar documents are plotted within close proximity, and vice versa. This approach can be done by several NLP based algorithms. As a result of the processing, XY coordinates are attached with each document. This approach will show us lots of possibilities, converting qualitative data-sets into quantitative ones. For example, we can evaluate the impact on a specific article or an opinion not only by numeric data but also visualized map with the similarity-distance. I attached an example using twitter data-sets. Another possibility I would like to introduce is its application for regional masterplans. I am currently trying to analyze a transition of cities and achievements of the city plans by using this idea. This attempt is still on a progress, and hopefully I would like to present this result in August.