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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

Streaming and rendering the Turin 3D geospatial content through GIS and BIM integration

Fabrizio Massara (CSI Piemonte), Fabrizio Provera and Adelaide Ramassotto (CSI Piemonte)

We started working on BIM (Building Information Model) and GIS integration in 2016. At that time, as one of the results of EU funded research project [DIMMER](, we [linked]( the simplified representations exported from BIM to the urban environments in Turin, Italy and Manchester, UK.

Since 2016, our work on GIS and BIM integration has steadily [progressed]( Nowadays, the Municipality of Turin uses the successful integration of GIS and BIM objects for internal facility management of thirty public owned buildings in Turin. Adopting the [3D Tiles]( OGC standard, we stream and render online the full BIM and photogrammetric reconstruction of Turin buildings and monuments. Also, using open source tools and open data, we extend the value of digital BIM through visualisation and integration with available cartography.
This allows us to fully benefit of BIM potentiality in terms of data and object management. Furthermore, we display our maps and models using open source virtual globes, an easily accessible environment.