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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

The Open Data Cube Sandbox

Alex Leith

FrontierSI have been working with the Open Data Cube Community to develop simpler ways of running the ODC, and one of these is the ‘Sandbox’ project, where we have built a pre-configured ODC instance as a reference deployment.

The Sandbox aims to provide developers, data scientists, decision makers and everyone else a way to learn about remote sensing, the ODC generally, or about the various applications that earth observation data can be used in. The use of Docker, Kubernetes, the ODC and Dask enables for a scalable environment that can run non-trivial workloads. The ODC Sandbox is as easy to use as visiting a website, it's powered by vast quantities of open data, it’s available now and the architecture is open, so you can build one yourself too.

This presentation will briefly introduce the ODC project and will then discuss the Sandbox, how it is structured and what is required to get started. The presentation concludes with demonstrations of a number of use cases and applications of the ODC that are available in the Sandbox in addition to future plans.