Programming by any other name

Mariano Guerra

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Programmers enjoy looking back and learning about
the primitive technologies used “back in the day” like
hexadecimal code, assembly, punched cards, paper teletypes and
how complicated things were. We rarely do the inverse exercise
and imagine which technologies will look primitive from a
future perspective.

What if the current state of computing is just a really low
local maxima? Which technologies will be replaced by obviously
superior ones, which ones will survive the test of time? What
if the computer revolution hasn’t happened yet? Do we know how
to compute? Have you heard of Unison, Darklang, Lasp, NetLogo,
Glamourous Toolkit, Hazel, Dynamic Land?

Someone said that “The future is already here – it’s just not
evenly distributed”, in this talk we will see if it is in fact
here, which tools are already available to escape the local
maxima and if not already here, which hints of that future are
available on current research.