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Arch Conf 2020

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Archiso - creating an installation medium

David Runge

Archiso has been the installation medium creation tool for Arch Linux for many years.
This will give an overview of what has changed recently and what you can expect from your install medium in the future.

Since its inception (somewhere back in 2006) different developers have been taking care of archiso as the in-house project to create installation media for Arch Linux.
It gained various features over the years, while serving the i686 and x86_64 architectures.

Although development of the tool has slowed down due to available time and/ or interest, 2020 has seen a lot of changes and more are yet to come. We will look at the following topics (among others):

* move to gitlab
* various outstanding fixes
* code refactoring and cleanup
* linting and initial implementation on automated testing
* additional scripts
* license change
* move towards an easier configuration through templates

Additionally, the road towards a complete automation of the installation media release and a few new features such as accessibility and reproducibility will be discussed.