Gaining Linux insights with Inspektor Gadget, an eBPF tool and systems inspection framework

Alban Crequy and Chris Kuehl

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In this presentation, we introduce Inspektor Gadget, a tool designed for the creation, deployment, and execution of eBPF programs (gadgets) across Kubernetes and Linux environments. Inspektor Gadget encapsulates eBPF programs into OCI containers, providing well-understood and easily distributable units.

We'll delve into Inspektor Gadget's automatic data enrichment process, transforming complex kernel information into high-level, understandable concepts tied to Kubernetes, container runtimes, systemd, etc. This feature bridges the knowledge gap between raw, low-level data and more interpretable information, improving the understanding of system behavior.

We will illustrate how to use a simple configuration file to set up a data collection pipeline with Inspektor Gadget, resulting in a Prometheus endpoint or an exposed API.

Throughout the talk, we'll demonstrate Inspektor Gadget's features, support across various environments, discuss its operational mechanics, and share insights into the future direction of the project.

By presenting at ASG!, our aim is not just to inform the audience of Inspektor Gadget, but also to encourage feedback and stimulate discussions within the eBPF and Linux community.