Ceph and Storage Management with openATTIC

Lenz Grimmer

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openATTIC is an Open Source Storage Management System, sponsored by it-novum. Over the last five years, it has matured into a flexible and robust framework to address today's storage management requirements.

Using openATTIC, one can easily manage storage resources like NFS/CIFS shares as well as iSCSI and FibreChannel targets via a modern web interface. Moreover, openATTIC supports a wide range of file systems including Btrfs and ZFS, as well as automatic data replication using DRBD®, the distributed replicated block device and automatic monitoring of shares and volumes using a built-in Nagios/Icinga instance.

With version 2.0 which is currently under development, the openATTIC developers have made some significant changes. In addition to replacing the existing XML-RPC API with a RESTful API, the entire Web UI has been rebuilt from scratch using modern web technologies.

In addition to traditional storage, openATTIC 2 will also support managing the Ceph distributed object store and file system.

This talk will give an overview about openATTIC, it's current state of development as well as an insight into the collaboration with SUSE on porting openATTIC to the SUSE Linux distribution and the ongoing development of additional Ceph management features.