The state of ARM - a 64bit view of what does/doesn't work

Andrew Wafaa

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The AArch64 port is now in pretty good shape with most things ported and built. However we know that there is plenty of software that is not optimised and some may not actually work at all. Please come along and moan about anything you have found which doesn't work as well on AArch64 as it does on x86. We (Linaro, ARM and openSUSE) want your feedback on where to direct effort next.

This talk will cover the current status of the port with both and upstream and openSUSE specific view, and crucially hardware availability. Only a few things are completely missing, but we know that a lot of software is using the basic 'fallback support' where other architectures have specific optimisations. Some stuff is probably building, but not actually working right. We are keen to fix things that are actively getting in the way of using AArch64 in real systems, but to do that we need feedback from users on what to look at next as we move from mostly enablement to mostly optimisation. GCC, OpenJDK, & LLVM are known to be in good shape, but there is a pile of other stuff that probably isn't. It's very hard to test 'all the software in the world', so please tell us about stuff you've noticed not working well, or incredibly slowly, or that you suspect might be a problem and need work.