Managing VMware infrastructure using salt-cloud

Nitin Madhok

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Want to learn how to deploy VM's on the fly in your VMware infrastructure using the orchestration power of salt-cloud? Attendees will walk away from this workshop/presentation with the tools, skills and knowledge to deploy and manage VM’s in their VMware environment in a reproducible, maintainable and a manageable way using salt and salt-cloud.

We will be explaining how VM's can be created and destroyed across multiple vCenters, how they can be easily queried and how various tasks can be performed on vCenters. We will also show you how you can perform simple tasks such as creating/removing snapshots of VM’s, starting/stopping/suspending/resuming VM's, querying VM's for information etc using salt-cloud!

This workshop/presentation is a great use case on how Clemson University has used SaltStack Software (salt, salt-cloud) to automate it's VMware environment and the day to day routine tasks performed by the VMware administrators and made it simpler for people with no prior VMware knowledge to easily deploy and manage the VM's in their environment.

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