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a home among the stars: Galina Balashova, architect of the soviet space programme


Galina Balashova was the main architect and designer for the soviet space programme. She designed the interieurs and visual identity of spacecrafts such as the Soyuz, Buran, and Mir.

»Space stations are not only technical structures but architecture built amidst zero gravity.«

Galina Balashova (b. 1931) is a self-described "architect-engineer" who spent almost 30 years working in the Soviet Space Programme. She designed the ergonomics, the colours & style and the typography of most soviet spacecrafts, including the Soyuz, the Salyut space stations, the Buran shuttle and the Mir space station.
Her pioneering work in the field of zero-gravity architecture is still referenced today in the ISS and other spacecrafts.