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Playlist "34C3: TUWAT"


Denisa Kera, yair reshef and Zohar Messeca-Fara

Electroedibles is an experiment with “edible” hardware that explores the limits of interaction between our tongue and circuits to mock the present fantasies of Internet of (Every)thing. This project initiated by the hardware lab at Shenkar College of Arts and Tel Aviv Makerspace consists from series of workshops, in which participants combine simple circuits (lickometer with LED, vibration motor or piezo) with recipes for candy making (hard candy based on syrups or gummy or corn starch molds). The circuits are casted in candy “molds” to serve different ideas defined by the participants: extreme hardware fetishist lollipops, philosophical props into sensory perception, post-colonial critique of the sugar cane addiction and slavery, scientific interest in triggering taste buds etc. This probe into the edible hardware is also a celebration of the DIY culture of sharing behind cooking, but also Open Source Hardware that bridges the divisions between the kitchen, the hardware studio and the science lab. Instead of applying science and technology to cooking and tasting (typical for molecular gastronomy & haute cuisine), the electroedibles use the experiences of candy cooking and to engage with different science and technology issues in enjoyable and funny ways.