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Playlist "34C3: TUWAT"

Schnaps Hacking

Nero Lapislucis and sir wombat

This talk covers the theory, the required tools and how to make them, and the process of turning apples into juice, ferment them, and enrich the alcohol content of the product.

We will present our high-pressure, drm-free juice press which we used to turn our hand picked apples into juice.

Then we present a simple setup to ferment the juice (or other stuff, maybe even mate ;) ) to turn it into an alcoholic beverage.

You will learn about the precise steps you need to avoid, in order to not build a still. We will also talk about all the details of a totally hypothetical distilling process, and the results that could have been achieved.

Finally we will show you a method to increase the alcohol content of a beverage without distilling it ("ice-rifing"), and talk about our results.

We will cover the relevant measuring equipment as well as the theory behind each of these steps, as we go through them.