Open vSwitch and DPDK - Your VMs deserve better

Using OvS + DPDK to boost inter-VM network traffic

Markos Chandras and Nirmoy Das

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Improving virtual workloads is a on-going and complex problem. Many of the optimizations are targeting the networking stack which is becoming a bottleneck as the traffic traverses from the hypervisor to the virtual machine and vice versa. As a result of which, improving the components that sit in-between is normally the first thing to look at. One such component is Open vSwitch whcih is a popular virtual switch heavily used in OpenStack. Another component is the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK). We are going to briefly discuss how these components work and how they can be combined together. At the end there will be a short demo showing these technologies in action.

This talk is going to be presented by Markos Chandras and Nirmoy Das